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A Story of Healing and God’s Provision

Today I am just overwhelmed with thanksgiving to God for the miracle of healing and provision that He has performed in our lives. Every day God sends hurting and sick people to Hope Center – many walking hours from far into the mountains, seeking not only free healthcare and medicines, but prayer from a God-appointed, miracle believing man who loves the Lord and loves the people of Galette Chambon, Ganthier, Haiti. That man is my husband, and I am so very thankful to God for the miracle He has worked in our lives to move us to this place where we can serve Him and BE the love of Jesus to so many people every single day. Again, I am simply overwhelmed by the many testimonies God has given us in just the few months we have been on this mission.


Tony holding his first spend-the-night patient at Hope Center Clinic. A two-week-old preemie who’s mother was suffering from sepsis but has now been healed!

On Tuesday of this week, around 7:30 in the evening, a local tap-tap driver brought a young mother to Hope Center Clinic for emergency medical attention. She had given birth to a premature baby girl two weeks ago, and at this point, she could not walk, she had a fever of 104, abdominal pain, and low blood pressure. Her aunt held the tiny baby who was sleeping soundly, not having a clue that her mother’s life hung in the balance, needing nothing short of a miracle. Tony and Vladimir (our interpreter) and Ray (a dear friend and SP Chaplain visiting Tony right now) prepared for the task set before them. The air was heavy and urgent. Ray immediately began praying, and Vladimir and Tony set out to ask the questions necessary to diagnose the problem. In his heart, Tony prayed that God would give him wisdom and understanding to provide the care to this young mother that God would have him give in order to save her life. Within a few minutes, Tony had diagnosed the problem as sepsis and started IV fluids and antibiotics and something to reduce the fever. Desiring confirmation of his diagnosis and plan of action, Tony began to seek consultation with an OBGYN doctor and friend who had been at Hope Center just weeks ago. The doctor confirmed that he felt Tony’s diagnosis and plan were indeed correct and that she was better off at Hope Center than going to a hospital because not only had God provided the understanding and expertise, but He had already provided all the supplies and medicines she needed to get better. As soon as Tony could get a break, he went in the house and called me and asked me to get all prayer warriors on board to pray for this young mother because her condition was very serious. I sent out an email as well as a Facebook status, and within minutes hundreds of people started praying for a woman they did not know, but God gave them a burden to pray, so in obedience they prayed. “Praying” said one, “Done,” said another,” “Lifting her up,” answered another, and the responses went on and on. God had begun a chain of power that reached beyond an ocean to literally hundreds of people within minutes, and His power began to manifest itself in the body of this woman. Within two hours, her temperature had gone down to near normal and her blood pressure had returned to normal as well. She was still very week, but she was recovering miraculously. She rested in the clinic through the night, and Tony checked on her periodically. Above is a picture of Tony with the sweet baby.

This was our first spend-the-night patient at Hope Center, and as God provided everything this mother needed medically, He also provided for her family. You see, most of the time Hope Center is full of visiting short-term mission teams. Our women’s and men’s dorms are usually full to capacity and then some! However, this particular week, there is no one visiting besides Ray and Stan, our BGM CEO. That meant that an entire dorm sat empty – available for over night company! The young mother, her baby, and her aunt, who was attending her, stayed in the clinic, and several other family members, who came along on the long journey down from the village of Thoman in the mountains, were able to stay in the men’s dorm. Knowing this day was coming, God provided for this family’s needs by providing a place for them to stay while they waited for a miracle. Oh but wait! That’s not all!!

With no team staying at Hope Center, we normally would not be prepared to feed any extra guests. However, last week, our sweet friend Bicly had come by to share some fresh baked rolls with Tony, Vladimir, and Ray. After tasting the rolls, Tony asked if he could buy some from Bicly. Bicly said that he could not sell his mother’s rolls, but he could go back to the bakery and get some for Tony. So Tony gave him some money – a Haitian bill equivalent to about $13. He told Bicly to buy him a few rolls. Bicly went to the bakery and returned with $13 worth of rolls!!! Tony had three bags of rolls – enough to last him for at least three weeks!! He called me and said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with all of these rolls!” Well God did know. God was preparing for a few guests! Tony was able to prepare breakfast for the family the next morning before going back to the clinic to check on Mom and baby. Hallelujah!


Tony needed a straw so his patient could drink while continuing to lay in the bed. He looked around and saw some oxygen tubing and cut a piece of it to use as a straw. If you look closely, you can see the straw coming out of the cup. ūüôā

So the next day, after taking breakfast to everyone, he found Mom doing much better, but baby and a fever of 102 and was crying incessantly. Tony prayed for wisdom and decided to try ear drops. Within seconds of applying the ear drops, the tiny, baby girl became quiet. He started the baby on antibiotics as well, and she fell asleep in her aunt’s arms. Next, he checked on Mom. She was free of fever and her blood pressure remained normal. He started another round of IV antibiotics and prayed with her. Afterwards, he gave her a roll with peanut butter and a glass of Gatorade. She was too weak to sit up, so Tony created a bending straw for her to drink from by cutting some oxygen tubing. He sent me a picture of his ingenious work. Ha! He was quite proud of his resourcefulness. ūüôā Oh, and the rolls Bicly bought are there on the plate next to the glass.

As Mom began to be nourished, she also began to regain strength. By Wednesday afternoon, she was able to WALK out of the clinic to the ladies restroom to get a shower. Her family was elated to see her walking ON HER OWN. God had truly spared her life and performed a miracle in their lives, and they were quick to give God the glory!

Today – only two days after arriving at Hope Center near death – Mom and baby have been discharged to go back to Thoman. Baby is getting antibiotics and ear drops, and Mom is continuing on antibiotics as well. Both are continuing to be lifted up in prayer by countless believers who are rejoicing in the miracle we have witnessed this week. Not only did God provide healing, He provided food in advance for her family, shelter, wisdom in her diagnosis and treatment, strength as she recovered, medicine and supplies needed for treatment, and lots and lots of LOVE. This is truly and exciting day at Hope Center in Galette Chambon, Haiti, and we are rejoicing once again over God’s provision and guidance.

It is such a privilege to be a part of what is going on in this village. I thank each and every one of you who prays daily for our family and our ministry. I thank those of you who sacrifice each month to provide the support needed to keep our family on this mission. I thank all who follow the events that happen at Hope Center and rejoice with us over all of the ways God provides. I thank the prayer warriors who are faithful to jump into action when a prayer request is posted. Most of all I THANK GOD for what He is doing through all of us as we travel together on this journey. You have no idea how your words of encouragement, support, and prayers bless us. They really, really do. ūüôā

Praise be to God for his provision!!!


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God Knows Our Needs…from Tony West

I received this touching email from my husband this week, and I decided I would just post it as my next blog post. I am going to add in a few pictures as well. It blesses us so much that so many of you pray for us and support us through But God Ministries. We would not be able to daily reach out to so many people if believers weren’t faithful to trust God’s guidance. You all bless us as you lift us up. Thank you….


Dear Mickie,

Tuesday, I had planned to have the day off. My plan was to get up early and read the Word with a cup of coffee. I did have one patient to see. Mirline had been in the clinic Monday night with a fever of 102. It was otitis media and horrible bronchitis. She had to have nebulizer treatments and medications to treat her infection, fever, and cough. I told her mom to bring her back Tuesday morning at 8:00 for another treatment.  (I did not expect her mom to have here at the exact appointment time).

Mirline<<<<This is Mirline in her little school uniform.

¬† G came to the door at 8:00 to tell me that I had a patient to see. I misunderstood him. I thought he was talking about Mirline. ¬†However, when I got outside, not only did I see Mirline, but I saw the waiting area was full of patients! There were 7 additional patients to see besides Mirline. They were all from the village where I went a few weeks ago with a midwife to a delivery. ¬†They had to cross a river to get here. The river level is up right now, and the currents are strong. It was a dangerous trip for them. After crossing the river, they then had to walk another hour to get to the clinic for a total of about 3 hours of walking. There were 5 children and 2 adults. ¬†The two adults were there because they brought the children. They had minor needs. Four of the children were very sick with fever and congestion. The other child had severe pain in her leg. She had to be carried in to the clinic. ¬†They all were assessed and treated and discharged with a bag full of medications and a few treats. ūüôā ¬†The children all needed antibiotics. We had exactly what they needed. The girl with the leg pain needed more than ibuprofen or Tylenol for her pain. We had Darvocet and topical lidocaine patches for her leg. We had exactly what she needed. We gave her the medicine and prayed with her. Within the hour, she was almost pain free, and she WALKED out of the clinic! ¬†One of the adults is the midwife that invited me to the delivery. ¬†I was humbled that she trusted me to take care of her grandchild and neighbors. I am humbled that God uses me to touch the lives of so many people daily who would otherwise die without medical attention. I get to see His miraculous healing power every single day. ¬†God is so good.

7 month old twins

This is a mother of twins who came to the clinic recently. Her children had never seen a doctor before. They will now receive regular check ups and health care. Praise God!

God has provided us with with all the right medications and supplies exactly when we needed them in order to care for the wonderful people of this community. When Dr. Sullivan was here a couple of weeks ago, he commented that we were better stocked than some of the family medicine clinics in Mississippi. Each time a team visits Hope Center we gain supplies, medications, skills, and years of clinical knowledge freely shared. I am so thankful for all of this. I am so blessed to be a part of what God is doing in Haiti. ¬†One big need has been dental care. We have tons of supplies and equipment, and we have a huge need for dental care, but I just have no training in dentistry, so I haven’t been able to take advantage of what we have. Recently, God sent a team from Hattiesburg to Hope Center and a young dentist named Drew Middleton took me to school! He taught me how to assess dental needs and extract teeth! I am so thankful that God is providing not only the equipment and supplies to take care of the people of this community, but the training as well. I am just completely blown away by this. It’s additional confirmation that God is doing mighty works here in Galette Chambon. I am thankful to Drew and all of the other team members from all over the US who come here to share their gifts, talents, and expertise with us at Hope Center so that we can continue providing care to these beautiful people whom God loves.

Tony with Drew Middleton learning how to remove teeth in the dental clinic

Tony with Drew Middleton learning how to remove teeth in the dental clini

Today we had a lady out in the waiting area that was lying on the steps of the dental clinic. I asked her come into the clinic to lay on the stretcher until I could see her. She said she had severe abdominal pain and that she had lost a baby earlier this week. Initially I thought maybe she had a miscarriage or had a baby die at birth. Neither was correct. Earlier in the week, she had an 18 month old child die suddenly. She didn’t know what illness the child had. ¬†I assessed her and realized that her major ¬†problem was grief. I treated her medical needs, gave her her medications, then I asked Ray Meany to spend some time with her. ¬†(Ray is a dear friend of mine who I met through Samaritan’s Purse last year, and he has been visiting here with me all week.) ¬†Ray’s training as a first responder chaplain was exactly what this woman needed. He spent time with her and discovered that she was not a Christian. He took time to share Jesus with her, and she accepted Christ! ¬†¬†We had exactly what she needed. God provided. ¬†I thought Ray had come to Haiti to support me. Ha! Although he has been a lot of fun to have around while there has not been a team here, he has been tremendous with the patients while they wait patiently to see the doctor. Again, God is providing all of our needs.

It is great that we are meeting the needs of the people. But what I am more glad about is the fact that we are doing so through the love of Christ as outlined in 1 Corinthians 13, “If I speak in the tongues¬†of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.¬†If I have the gift of prophecy¬†and can fathom all mysteries¬†and all knowledge,¬†and if I have a faith¬†that can move mountains,¬†but do not have love, I am nothing.¬†If I give all I possess to the poor¬†and give over my body to hardship that I may boast,¬†but do not have love, I gain nothing.”¬†This was validated a few weeks ago when I asked the community leaders how they thought things were going here at Hope Center. They said that they were very pleased with the care that their people were receiving, but they were especially pleased with how we were showing love and loving on their people. ¬†That thrilled my heart.

congressmenApparently the leaders of the community of Galette Chambon are not the only ones noticing what God is doing here. Today some Haitian congressmen came to Hope Center for a visit. They had heard that wonderful things have been happening here, and they wanted to come see it for themselves. We had a fantastic visit, and I even got to treat three of them for health issues. As we gain trust among the leaders of this nation, we spread the good news that Jesus loves the people of Haiti, and that God can and will provide for their needs. By they way, I have invited the mayor of Ganthier and his family over for dinner when you and the boys get here. Be thinking of a real “American” meal to cook for them. Vladimir and I have both been bragging on your cooking. ūüôā They are looking forward to meeting you all and visiting with our family. I am looking forward to sharing my family with the mayor too!

Thanks for encouraging me to write about events of the week. It s helpful. I hope the message of the notes is clear…. God is proving everything we NEED. Trusting in Him is not a risk at all; it’s faith that is moving mountains.

I miss you and the boys very much!  I am counting down the days until you and the boys are home with me.

I am attaching a few more pictures that I thought you would enjoy sharing on the blog. Thanks for keeping that up. People need to know what God is doing here, and they need to know what to pray for.

Blessings to all….


Tony gets a big hug from Esther Geoffroi after he returned from a visit to the states in October.

I got a really big hug from Esther Geoffroi after I returned from my visit to the states in October. I was gone for 18 days and to Esther it must have seemed like an eternity. I know she is going to be very happy to see you and the boys when you get here. Everybody will be actually.

Long day

This father brought his little boy to the clinic a few weeks ago. They waited for a very long time before finally getting in to be seen. The boy was very hungry so I gave him a little can of Pringles. He fell asleep standing there with his hand in the jar.

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