We are the West family. We have accepted a commission from God to move to Haiti to help a hurting people recover from their devastating loss as well as discover the love of Jesus and the victorious life of living under the guidance and lordship of Jesus Christ. Please pray for us as we walk through this journey. Be sure to subscribe to our blog so that you can be notified of changes, new posts, and prayer requests. Thank you for your prayer support.

Many people have asked how they can support us on this journey, and we are humbled and blessed by this question. Our response is that we need three different kinds of support. If you feel led to support in some way, pray about which of these ways God would have you commit.  You can commit to PRAY, you can commit to GIVE, and you can commit to GO.  We don’t ever try to tell people HOW they should get involved, we just ask them to be LED.

We encourage MANY people to do their part by praying – regularly and continuously. We also encourage people to get involved by going – people who come to Haiti to serve along with us are the hands and feet of Jesus, and they help us minister to the people of our village in countless ways. They often minister to US too!! Lastly, we encourage people to give – IF God burdens them to. WE don’t ever want to be the ones putting a burden on people to give. We want God to do that because if HE burdens someone, He also provides it! We gave that to God a long time ago! Ha! People who want to give DO need to know how though, so I will explain that next.

One thing I don’t think I will ever get comfortable with, but it is a necessity in this line of work, is encouraging people to give support. Many people don’t realize that our family has zero guaranteed income now. We are not on any kind of salary with But God Ministries at all. People love to see and hear about the work we are doing down there, but our family can’t continue our work there if we have no financial support. So if you feel God leading you to help support us, you just go to http://www.butgodministries.com and click “Donate” then set it up there, but BE SURE to designate it to NURSING MINISTRY where it says “Special Requests” on the last page. If you don’t see that option, be sure to email Stan Buckley and let him know at stanbuckley@butgodministries.com. You can also give by sending a check made out to But God Ministries Nursing Ministry and sending it by mail to But God Ministries.

That address is: 1440 North State Street, Jackson, MS  39202

What you give just depends on how God leads you, and we are certainly blessed by it, and we pay that blessing forward to the people in our village.  We certainly don’t worry over support. God knows how much we need to survive as a family, and He brought us to this point, so He is no doubt going to see to it that people give to support us. We know that as long as He wants to use us to touch the people of this village in Haiti, He will also move people to help keep us there doing the work we are doing. It is living in COMPLETE faith – like the lilies of the field – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Proverbs 16:9 says, “The mind of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.” It is our prayer the the Lord directs every single step we take. We pray that in all things, we are first and foremost LED by God.

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  1. Laken Cook

    Y’all are going to be such a blessing to the people in Haiti. I think that would be just amazing. I hope to one day travel on a lot of mission trips. I only know Mrs. West who was a true blessing of a teacher in my life, so I can imagine how amazing the rest of you are. I wish y’all the best of luck and may God be with y’all! Love you Mrs. West! I will miss you bunches!


  2. Michelle

    Hello..I know your sister Holli and am in the process of getting ready to travel to Haiti for a short mission trip (5 days). Holli and I were trying to figure out of you were close to where I will be. Here is where I will be staying? Are you close to here?
    You will have a short drive from the international airport to the Jumecourt Inn at Croix des Bouquets (‘Inn’), located 15 miles east of Port-Au-Prince. Jumecourt Inn will usually be your accommodations the first and last nights of the trip. You will enjoy same-gender living arrangements. Most of your trip will be three hours north in Gonaives. Your accommodations in Gonaives are comparable to the Jumecourt Inn.


    • We are very close to Croix des Bouquet -about 20 minutes from here but Gonaives is pretty far from here. What organization will you be working with? We looked for the hotel they have you staying in, and found it on the Internet. Most places around here don’t have websites unless they are US organizations, but the Global Orphan Project does. We actually pass by this place often. It’s sort of off the main road but you can see it from the highway. It looks pretty nice. We pray you have a wonderful experience!!


  3. Jeannie Lane

    Hey Mickie and Tony!

    Just stumbled across this in LinkedIn. You are doing amazing work! jlane


    • Hey Jeannie! I just realized that I never replied to your comment. It’s hard keeping up with emails and all of the various social media outlets too! As you can imagine, there’s not a lot of down time to do any of it! ha! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your encouragement. It is NO DOUBT a God thing. Tony and I can do nothing without God’s hand moving people to partner with us and lift up prayers and support. God is so good!!


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