God’s Property

The main reason for our trip to Haiti was to see the property that FBC Jackson has been working on. FBC and 13 other churches from various states have partnered to create a community that will have a medical/dental clinic, school, church, soccer field, and approximately 40 houses with farming plots for Haitian families to cultivate their own food and live, learn, and worship the Lord together. These are pictures from our visit to the property. From the very first breath of fresh mountain breeze, I felt the hand of God all over this place. Tears flowed as we took in what wonderful things God is doing in this place. It is simply overwhelming…

We drove down a dried up river bed turned road to get to the site. Once we arrived, we began checking everything out. The well is in place, a septic tank installed, two structures near completion, another foundation done, and lots of vegetation all around. As we looked over the property, a man named Estimi walked up. Estimi is an elder in the community and Thirst No More pays him to keep watch over the property. Estimi shared with us his excitement about what is happening here because he knows it means a great future for the people in his community. He explained to Tony that “one day, God will send a man to this property to run this clinic for our people.” Tony said, “I am that man.” At this news, Estimi laid his head on Tony’s chest and cried.

The vision is big……very big. Our God is an Awesome God!!

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  1. Jan

    So excited about this!


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