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This is from the latest newsletter sent out on Project Haiti….

Request – July 23, 2011

These churches who are sending mission teams to work on this project in August, September and October. Pray for their preparations.

Great Bridge Baptist Church, Chesapeake, Virginia – 10 member team in August.

Park Place Baptist Church, Brandon, Mississippi – 11 member team in September.

Hillcrest Baptist Church, Pensacola, Florida – 30 member team in October.

First Baptist Church, Pensacola, Florida – 25-30 member team in October

The 8 member team going July 30-August 5 with Paul Calhoun as their leader. Team members are Steven Calhoun, David Calhoun, Dr. Tom Wiley, Audra Johnson, Jann Kenney,  Mike Kenney, and Jon Michael Kenney. Please pray for these missionaries by name.  Please pray for their travel, their safety, their health, their relationships,  their work, their spiritual growth, and their witness. That the plumbing efforts to be successful this week as the goal is to run the  water lines and install fixtures throughout the clinic compound. The safety and wellbeing of our construction partners at Thirst No More.

Pray for Mathurin and Vladimir as they escort and provide for our mission teams on the ground in Haiti. Please pray specifically for these men who give so much of their time. Pray for their families, for their health and safety, and for their spiritual growth. Pray for Mathurin as he continues to teach himself English. Pray for both of them as they travel significant distances to minister to our teams. The many, many decisions that have to be made each step of the way in this project.

 Pray that we always seek God’s guidance in decisions. That every single effort is done for the glory of God alone.

God continues to draw others who desire to participate in this mission.

Praises!  July 23, 2011

The second well was drilled Thursday, July 21. Clean water was reached at a depth that will support a hand pump. So, this water well will now be openly available to residents of the existing community as well as future residents of our development.The walls are up and roofs are on all four clinic buildings.
The block press has been moved to the worksite, so local Haitians are now being employed in block making as well as in construction. Work is beginning on the security wall for the clinic compound. Electrical engineers have volunteered their time and are working on the master plan for powering the clinic compound. Several have responded to God’s leadership to provide financial means for others to go who could not do so otherwise.

 God continues to draw others who desire to participate in this mission.

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