Progress in Ganthier

It is so exciting to see the progress taking place in our future home! We are so very thankful for the teams of people God sends over to Haiti each week to continue His work. God’s plan is amazing as He moves people to go, then He equips them to be used for whatever purpose He has designed for the time in which each group is going. The group that just returned recently accomplished some amazing things.

First of all, they have completely moved everything from the dorm where teams have been staying over the past year, to the clinic development where teams will now be able to stay and work all in the same location. No more long, bumpy rides up the river road, carrying supplies and food for the day. They will all be staying and working on site!! That is so exciting! I have included a picture of the team moving the water tanks and installing a tank on top of one of the clinic buildings. Reporting from this most recent trip, my dear friend, Barbara Gladney, said, “Two portable dental units, dental chairs, several hundred dental instruments and supplies are now on-site in the clinic. The first aid/medical supply trunk actually was used on-site to treat two minor injuries to Haitians who were working alongside us this week. Several trunks of supplies for ministry (towels, wash cloths, soaps, t-shirts, soccer balls, women’s hygiene kits, crayons, craft supplies, tracts, etc.) are on-site in trunks for use as teams go in the future. Two water tanks are installed on the roof with a booster pump connected to allow them to be filled with the crystal clear water from the well, and they are already filled with over 1,200 gallons of water.  A 40 gallon water heater has even been installed.  A great deal of troubleshooting and planning were done on electrical wiring, and we have a good idea what needs to be accomplished when the next electrician returns. There are now interior ceilings in the dorm rooms with window air conditioners ready to be put in the sleeping rooms, screens are on the windows to protect from mosquitoes, security bars are on all the windows, and a couple of rows of blocks were even laid on the fifth house.” In May of last summer, we broke ground on the first clinic building, and now there are two medical/dental buildings, a mission team dormatory, a separate kitchen and bathroom facility for teams to use, some Haitian housing, and two fully working water wells that people from all of the community of Ganthier are using daily. All you can say in response to this progress is, “Wow. What an awesome God we serve!!” I have provided a few of the newest pictures below.

I am simply overwhelmed every time we hear of God’s progress in the plans for the future of the people in Ganthier, and as always, we are blown away when we think about the fact that God intends to move us over there soon to become a part of the daily lives of these beautiful people. God is so good. We recently found out that our own church, Crossgates Baptist, has committed to purchasing 2,500 Gideon testaments written in Haitian Creole for us to share with our friends while we are there. Imagine how moving it was for us to be sitting there in that service as Scott Ross announced that we will be able to not only share God’s word with our new friends through language, but we will be able to actually place a copy of God’s Word into each of these new homes for them to be spiritually fed by the Word of God in their own language every day. There was no way to suppress the tears that began to flow in response to God’s provision.

The pictures I am providing in this post were provided by Stan Buckley on the But God Ministries website. To view his full post, visit

Hope you enjoy the update!!  Please continue to pray for the teams that continue to go over there each week and pray that God will continue to guide us as we prepare our family to leave this summer. Pray for God to move those He intends to use to help support our family while we are there, and pray for the people of Ganthier, as God continues to move in their lives. Thank you Lord for Your Amazing Plan!!!

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