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Returning to Ganthier

ImageThis is our house!! Praise the Lord!!

As I begin this post, it is 6:30 and we are planning to leave for New Orleans at 7:30, so in an hour we are going to be on the road to beginning another adventure to Haiti. We are staying in New Orleans tonight because we have to be at the N.O. airport at 4:30 a.m. We will be meeting up with Pastor Mark Farris of Vineyard Baptist Church in Petal and his team at the airport. We are very excited about meeting this group of people who will become our family for a week. We will fly out of New Orleans at 6 and arrive in Haiti around noon.

On this trip we will be getting to see our house in Ganthier for the first time in person. Since we were there last, teams have finished building the two clinic buildings, a mission team dorm with two bedrooms, the mission team kitchen and bath, a storage building to house the generators and other equipment, I think 7 Haitian houses, the wall surrounding the clinic grounds, and our house! All of this has been built since May of 2011! Wow. Amazing how much work has been accomplished already! I have no doubt that our arrival at the Village of Hope is going to be a very emotional one. We are excited that Vladimir is going to take us to church at Estimi’s church. Estimi is the village elder that is a leader in the community.

Well, we are out of time. It is time for our family to pray together before heading out. Please join us in prayer that God will give us protection, safety, wisdom, and use us in a mighty way for His kingdom. Pray that we will learn all we need to learn to prepare for our move. Pray that our group will get many things accomplished. Pray that no one gets sick or injured on the trip. And pray that we reflect the love of Jesus to everyone we come in contact with.

Thank you!! Mickie


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