Overwhelming Response

Overwhelming Response.


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2 responses to “Overwhelming Response

  1. Dennis Salter

    You and your family inspire my wife and I. We are both nurses. I have been with SP once to Haiti and Cite Soleil. Loved it! I was fully alive and that spoke to me. My wife and I have had missionary training as well but have never known how to proceed in the actual going. Your story speaks to our hearts as we intend to give everything to go to the nations. Perhaps we will see you in Haiti!

    Dennis Salter


    • Hello Dennis! Thank you for your kindness! God has done some amazing things throughout this entire process. All I know to tell you is that if you take the step forward to commit to GO wherever God wants to send you, He will indeed send. Our journey started with a walk down the isle of our church and publicly committing to full time missions. However, that was SEVEN years ago!! From there TRUST God. I became a little frustrated at first because nothing was happening. Then I decided that God wanted me to make my PRESENT position as a teacher my mission field until He was ready to move us on. I harvested many souls in that classroom over the years and ministered to hundreds. God was preparing me for NOW. 🙂 Our main lesson we have had to learn is PATIENCE to let God work out his plan and be always praying and listening for the next step He wants you to take. HIS plan is perfect. It is just sometimes takes longer than we like to wait. God bless you and your precious wife. May God reveal His plan for you in the days to come. God Bless!!


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