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Sharing Some Pictures

While all the boys continue to work on Esther’s kitchen, I thought I would try to post a few pictures from last week….

It will only let me load a few at a time, so I will post these and post more later.

We had over 160 children from in and around the village attend VBS this week. Hearing them singing outside my window in the morning was a beautiful sound! So precious!! 

Even Ody got a name tag for VBS. He was not very cooperative with it though. He complained until I took it off. Ha. 

This is a picture of the Great Bridge team. They were a joy to work with as our first team to host at Hope Center! 

Sandi, Kristi, and Gabby painting cabinets…or rather Kristi painting Gabby. Ha! What fun we had working together! 

Jonathan, Brianna, Chris, and I planted seeds for our garden on their last day here.

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