Our First Hope Center Baby!!

Friday, February 8, 2013, started out like any other day at Hope Center. It was the last clinic day of a long, tiring week, and both Tony and Vladimir were both looking forward to finishing the week and enjoying a restful weekend. As usual, Tony got up early and went down to the clinic to set up and pray for all of the patients he would see throughout the day. Soon Vladimir joined him, and the two of them prayed together before telling G to let the first group of people in who had been waiting patiently for the clinic to open. The day progressed like any other, and as the sun began to kiss the mountain top of Petionville, there were twelve patients left, and it looked like they may even finish early. As Tony looked outside to call in the next patient, he noticed a woman making her way through the gate and slowly approaching the clinic. She was a mother in labor, and immediately Tony realized that this was not going to end up being just another ordinary day at Hope Center. This was a day he had been praying about for many months. It was the day that the first baby would be born at Hope Center. Suddenly he wasn’t tired anymore.

Tony holding the first baby to be born at Hope Center

Tony holding the first baby to be born at Hope Center

He met the woman half way as she progressed through the courtyard and helped her into the clinic to get her comfortable before taking the next patient. He helped her to the exam room in the back of the clinic where he could assess her and then let her rest in privacy while he finished with the rest of the patients waiting. Shortly after arriving, her water broke, and after checking her again, Tony told the mother to prepare for a long evening because she was not dilated very much. She then explained to Tony that she didn’t think it would be as long as he thought because she tends to deliver quickly. Realizing she sounded like she had quite a bit of experience in giving birth, he asked her how many children she had. Her answer was six! This child would be her 7th! A bit of relief came over Tony as he realized that his first delivery would be with a pro.

Baby care

After a little while of resting in the back room, the mother decided it was time to get up and walk around. Tony helped her down and out the door and sent her into the courtyard to walk around with the gentleman (midwife) who came with her to the clinic. Tony resumed seeing the other patients, looking forward to getting them all taken care of and on their way so he could focus on delivering his first baby. Suddenly, with three patients left, the security guard came to the clinic door and said, “You better get out here. She’s having the baby.” Tony told him to get her to come on back into the clinic so she could have the baby in the room he had prepared for her. Then G replied, “No, she can’t. She’s having the baby now!” So Tony rushed out to find the mother in the courtyard, with the midwife hovering over her, and the baby already on it’s way! There was no time to move inside the clinic. Mama was right! She was delivering fast!

Tony and the midwife tend to the newborn baby

Tony and the midwife tend to the newborn baby

He rushed to her side to help the midwife with the rest of the delivery and take care of the beautiful baby girl and mother.  After getting the baby all cleaned up, he put some drops in her eyes and handed her over to her mother. It was the most amazing feeling. A baby had been born at Hope Center! Tony went to the storage room and picked out a few baby girl outfits and a newborn blanket and returned to baby and mother.

Tony found a cute little dress and blanket for the baby.

Tony found a cute little dress and blanket for the baby.

Shortly after giving birth, the mother was up and walking around, preparing to walk back home to the rest of her family. Amazing! This woman had just given birth to a baby between 7 and 8 pounds, and now (after many pictures and celebration) she was about to walk home! Now that’s a miracle right there folks! This mother of 6 arrived at the clinic in labor and two hours later she had given birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl and was now walking home with her baby! Our Hope Center pastor, Daniel, gathered everyone together and prayed for mother and child before sending them on their way.


Tony prepares the baby to go with her mother

This is the mother (who just gave birth!) preparing to make a 20 minute walk back to her house with her baby!

Tony returned to his last three remaining patients, thanked them for patiently waiting, tended to their needs, gave them each a pack of crackers and sent them on their way as well. What started out as any other day at Hope Center Clinic, ended up being a very special day. God had blessed us with our very first Hope Center baby! Certainly not an ordinary day!


Things rarely go as planned in Haiti, including birth. Here's Tony's neatly prepared delivery room....AFTER the baby was born....still untouched. Ha!

Things rarely go as planned in Haiti, including birth. Here’s Tony’s neatly prepared delivery room….AFTER the baby was born….still untouched. Ha!

Tony plans to go visit mom and baby tomorrow, and she wants him to help them name their little girl. He plans to suggest they name her Hope because she represents what God has brought to this village through Hope Center. God has given the people here Hope, and He is blessing the lives of countless individuals through Hope Center. God is good…..ALL the time!

What a blessing! What a miracle!

What a blessing! What a miracle!


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February 9, 2013 · 6:31 am

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  1. June Pickle

    amazing story and I so hope she names the baby Hope


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