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One of those heartbreaking days…..

It’s been a difficult day and night. Earlier today we found out that one of the babies born this week passed away after he and his family got home. It was the BIG boy we affectionately named Ecko after a character on Lost. They said he spiked a high temp and died within minutes. My heart broke to hear it. I can’t help but wonder what happened. Could it have been beta strep? Could it be a complication from the mother having had Chikungunya while pregnant? We have no idea…

Then tonight a family of six came to see us after walking 12 hours in the rain. We met them a few months ago when they came to Hope Center desperately seeking help. The mother had recently given birth to twins and was very sick. The father carried her for 24 hours on his back from up in the mountains. His friend carried the babies. Tony loaded them in the truck and took them to the hospital. Tonight they told us they have lost their home and have no where to go. We called Eddie who recently received a house but hasn’t moved in yet. He was already on his way to Hope Center and had his keys! He said they could stay in his house tonight and we can try to work something else out tomorrow. We loaded up blankets, pillows, food, bottles, formula, & water and moved the family in. They were so thankful for the generosity shown to them. They had come with a sack of potatoes, eggs, and dried beans and they gave those to Eddie as payment for his kindness.

Once we got settled in back at our house, our translator, Marc, knocked on our door after having received a phone call. One of the babies born this week is bleeding from her cord. Tony had treated her earlier today, but the cord was bleeding again, badly. Tony told Marc to tell them to come on back to the clinic tonight, but they begged us to come get them because it was raining and they were going to have to walk. Tony went in the truck to get them. They are in the clinic now getting care. The baby girl is so tiny and so beautiful. So is her mother. They come here because they know they are loved here with a love that has no limits…the love of Jesus.

So much suffering. So much pain. So much need. BUT GOD….in His infinite wisdom is moving. We can’t really know why things happen as they do, but we can share God’s love and comfort. We can reach out and do all we can to help and pray that God will move to take care of the rest. We can give of what resources we have to try to bless someone else. We can pray….

It’s been a hard week. It’s been a hard day. But I’m thankful God called us and thankful we came. We see miracles happen every day, and we get to be a part of it. I want to give so much more. I want to not just see their pain but FEEL it with them so that I am constantly moved. It reminds me of a song that says, “Lord let me see through your eyes.” I pray that I never see pain and suffering and then refuse to be moved.

Please pray with me for the people of our village. There is so much need…. Ask God to give you His eyes to see the hungry and the hurting…and give you a heart that is moved. That’s my prayer tonight.



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