It begins with a click….

One thing we as Americans take for granted is the availability of education. For most of us, whether or not our child will be able to go to school each year has never been a concern to cross our minds. School is compulsory, and it’s just a natural part of every American child’s life. This is not the case in Haiti. Although there are public schools, they aren’t really free, and parents have to pay for transportation to get them there. For villages that are not on the main roads with easy access to transportation, the only choice for education is the small, private school in the village. These private schools are dependent upon tuition to pay their teachers and pay for supplies to run the school. Most families in remote villages with little income cannot afford to pay this tuition, so the result is hundreds of kids not going to school and many small private schools with inadequate facilities and teaching staff.
God led us to change this situation for the children of the village of Galette Chambon, Haiti, where we live. It all began with the BGM Child Sponsorship Program. It has totally revolutionized education in our village. No longer do children in our village have to worry about whether or not they can go to school. They no longer have to take turns between siblings going to school because their parents can only afford to send one child at a time. As long as we can find sponsors, these kids can go to school for free. This is a huge miracle!
Our BGM Child Sponsorship program has been going on now for about five years, and as the years tick by, sponsorships change hands. As this school year comes to an end, we have a significantly long list of students in the program who have lost their sponsor for one reason or another, and they now need a new one in order to continue with school in the Fall. We have not notified their parents yet because we would really prefer to find a new sponsor before it comes to that. If you have ever considered sponsoring a child, please check out our website and pray about sponsoring one of these children. It’s only $37/month and every single penny of the money goes to the child’s education. BGM does not use one cent of sponsorship money for administrative costs. Your sponsorship pays for the child’s tuition, uniform, books, backpack, supplies, a hot meal every day for ALL students, teacher salaries, school supplies, school improvements, and the list goes on and on…but it ALL goes to the school.
Please consider sponsoring one of these children today! I really don’t want to have to go to any of these children and tell them they can’t go to school next year because they lost their sponsor. Some have been sponsored for five years now. Surely there are people out there who have felt led but just haven’t done it yet. Today is the day…. It begins with a click:

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