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Their Hope Will NOT be Shaken!


Every year, high school students all over Haiti gather at designated locations to take a three-day National exam, and it determines whether or not they can pass to the next grade. It is an extremely important exam. Over the last three years, our students have significantly raised the bar in the Ouest Department gaining national recognition for their impressive results.

This year, BGM High School has about 50 students taking the exam. Of the 50, 39 are sponsored. Their sponsors paid for their exam and they even received scientific calculators to use on Wednesday when they take the mathematics portion. They have worked so hard to prepare for this test. They have gone to study groups every weekend for months. We are so proud of them. We are praying for much success!

Sadly, the country of Haiti has been in disarray again over the last few weeks. The opposition groups that want to remove the president from office are funding gangs to wreak havoc upon the country to force the president to resign. A few days ago, they announced that they would shut down the roads this week with fire, rocks, and much violence in order to prevent students from being able to attend the exams. Last night, I texted our Superintendent, Moliere Arcel, and asked him if our students were going to be able to attend theirs. He said that the exams had not been cancelled, and the students were making plans to go. Today, I was told that Dieudonne and Bicly left early this morning to the testing site for Bicly to take his exam. I continued praying……

We all know how much pressure big comprehensive exams are. Can you imagine how difficult it is to concentrate on an exam while knowing there could be a gang of thugs outside trying to shut it down? Can you imagine knowing that your entire year of school depends on this one exam and there are citizens from your own country trying to block it? My heart just breaks…. Please pray for our precious students as well as all students across Haiti who are taking this exam in spite of the odds against them. They are so brave. Their hope WILL NOT be shaken!

……Please join me in praying for our students. Please continue to pray for peace in Haiti. Pray for clarity and pray for safety. It’s hard to know what is true and what is not true in situations like this. The ones who suffer the most in times like these are the ones who suffer daily under the oppression of a grossly lopsided economic divide. These are our friends and Haitian family. They carry on knowing that God is their provider and He is in control. What amazing faith they have!! Join me in covering them in prayer, please.

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