God is Able!!

Hello to all of our sweet friends. Tony and I are so very thankful to all of you who continue to pray for us and follow our journey. Today I was talking to a friend about some of the experiences we have had along the way over the last ten years since we surrendered to the call to become missionaries in Haiti, and it really blows my mind how many miracles we have experienced and how many unique situations we have found ourselves in when we were totally and completely dependent upon God to intervene and move. Many of you have read about these situations in this blog. Well, right now we find ourselves once again in a time of crying out to God for his supernatural intervention….and God is still ABLE.

As many of you already know, after we found ourselves stuck in the states due to civil unrest back in September 2019, Tony decided to go see a urologist about some issues he had been experiencing. Over the course of the next few months, we found out that he had prostate cancer and would need to undergo a radical prostatectomy immediately followed by radiation and hormone injection therapy. Now, fast forward almost two years, and we recently discovered that the cancer has metastasized to five different places in his bones. After finding this out, we decided to go to MD Anderson. God has given us a peace and assurance that He sees our needs and He hears our prayers. He has reminded us that He has protected and directed us every step of the way for the ten years we have served as missionaries, and He has no intension of removing that protection and direction now. We completely and whole-heartedly TRUST IN HIM.

I recently created a Facebook group called Friends Committed to Praying for Tony, and soooo many friends have joined us in that group and encourage us daily with reminders of their prayers; our sweet family and our Crossgates Life Group have been so very supportive; and our Haitian staff constantly reminds us of their prayers. Just knowing that so many people are lifting us up in prayer is such an amazing source of encouragement. (If you are on FB and want to join the group above, just search for it and request to be admitted.)

Today, we have been completely overwhelmed as a friend started a T-Shirt fundraiser to help us cover the costs that will come with continued treatments and trips to MD Anderson. She had asked me to help her design a shirt, and my first thought was that I wanted it to declare that GOD IS ABLE. So I went with Tony’s favorite color (yellow), and added the blue prostate cancer ribbon, and Ephesians 3:20. This is our declaration, and it is our desire that every person who wears the shirt claims that declaration as well in their own difficult circumstances….God. IS. Able.

If you would like to participate in the fundraiser, you can purchase a shirt from this link: https://msha.ke/southernmedicalconsultants/

It will give you an opportunity to purchase one through Venmo, CashApp, or Paypal and wherever you have a chance to put a comment, you would put the number of shirts and size you need. If you will need it shipped, add $5 to the order. They will contact you later for a mailing address. Sales will continue through October 27th. If you don’t use any of those payment options, you can contact me and I’ll help you find an alternative.

You have all been so very supportive with your prayers throughout each and every experience we have had while serving in Haiti and while continuing to serve from afar. We are thankful that so many of the ministries that God has guided us to have in Haiti have continued to take place through our amazing staff and the financial support of so many through But God Ministries. Over the past few months, BGM has built many houses, fed thousands of children daily, held clinic daily, had children learning in classrooms daily, ministered to malnourised children, educated women in Motherhood Seminars, held VBS for hundreds of children, started new businesses, and the list can go on and on, but I hope you are getting the picture. God is ABLE to continue the ministries that we hold so dear even if we have to be hear dealing with prostate cancer…HE IS ABLE….and this THRILLS our hearts. Your prayers and continued support has meant so much to us and to the village we serve. It’s a miracle actually that we get to be a part of every single day! Hallelujah!

So next week, please be praying for us as we make our way down to Houston on October 20th and remain there until the doctors tell us we can return. Please be praying for HEALING, protection, wisdom, and provision. We are strengthened by your prayers. We will update you after we get back!!


Mickie and Tony

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