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God Listens to Our Cries for Help


I am so sorry it has taken me so long to update everyone, but I have been trying to find out something substantial. Today we received an answer to prayer. Perhaps not what we wanted originally, but it blessed my heart just the same knowing what I know now. After many doctors in both the US and Haiti looked at Muraelle’s latest CT scan and other records, it was pretty much definitive that he could only receive palliative care at this point. We even had a US ophthalmologist look at him here at Hope Center and he confirmed that other than removing the eye for comfort, there was nothing else that could be done. The tumor has entered his cranium and the eye is completely gone. More than likely it has metastasized into other places as well. The process for getting a medical visa is not an easy one and takes time and cooperation from doctors who are knowledgable about the case. We have neither time on our side nor cooperation.

We were having trouble getting cooperation from the doctor who first treated him back in April because she was so angry with the parents for neglecting to return with him when he had an appointment for further treatment. We tried to get his medical records so US doctors would have a better understanding of what had already been done, but all we were given was a brief report. In the meantime, Muraelle has been getting worse and worse. He has been refusing to take his medicines and has been vomiting and in great pain. Two weeks ago, I taught the parents how to trick him into taking his medicine by putting it in juice and giving it to him in a sippy cup. Now, his senses are so heightened that he tastes the medicine in the juice and will not take it. Our friend Debi says the vomiting is perhaps because of increasing intracranial pressure due to enlarging tumor mass. The consensus is that little Muraelle will probably not live much longer and he desperately needs inpatient palliative care.

I went to talk with the doctor personally last week and what started out rather confrontational, eventually worked around to a pleasant and agreeable conversation. She informed us that she had given Muraelle an appointment to come in two weeks. I wrote that on my calendar and today we sent him with his uncle to the hospital for his appointment. At first he texted me and said they refused to take him. I decided to get on my computer and find every name I could find associated with that hospital and BEG them to take him in. In the meantime, I wrote to Real Hope for Haiti (the place where we took the two malnourished boys a couple of weeks ago) and asked if they might be able to take him if the hospital still refused. Tonight I received a text from his uncle saying, “Praise God, the hospital finally took him in!” He is now safely resting in the hospital on IV antibiotics and pain meds and if they can locate a doctor to remove the eye for palliative care, they will do so. I also received word from Real Hope for Haiti saying that if the hospital discharges him again, let them know, and they will take him and take care of him until the end.

Psalm 22:24 says, “For he has not despised or scorned the suffering of the afflicted one; he has not hidden his face from him but has listened to his cry for help.” We know that God has heard our cry and He is moving. We will simply continue to trust in Him. My last post said that God was opening doors for Muraelle, and today He once again opened a door to get him admitted into the hospital. Soon he will part the great doors of Heaven for this sweet boy, and there will be no more pain, no more tears, and no more sippy cups with yucky medicine in them….only the comforting arms of Jesus. That indeed is an answer to prayer. Again, this is not how I wanted it to all work out, but I know that our Father is waiting with open arms for little Muraelle, and soon he will be able to see clearly and run straight into our Father’s arms, leaving that pesky face mask behind and smiling with his whole sweet little face.

Keep on praying for the doctors and for Muraelle and for his family. Thank you all so much for your prayers.

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God is Opening Doors for Muraelle

What started as a horrific sight last week, has turned into a journey of faith for the Charles family. They came to our clinic last week desperately seeking help for their child, Muraelle, who suffers from a retinalblastoma.


The horrific photo I posted last week drew lots of attention, and that was the intent. This boy needed attention FAST, and though I hesitated posting it, I decided that it was worth the risk to get him help. It worked. In a few hours, it had been shared 27 times and I was already receiving emails and messages from all over the United States, from California to Boston to Florida and lots of places in between. On our first day of seeking help, we were turned away from four hospitals and it was devastating.


Muraelle wouldn’t take his medicines, and hospitals were unwilling to give him what he needed by IV. So we prayed…. We had to resist the temptation to panic and take things into our own hands. We decided to trust God even though advice was coming at us from thousands of different directions. God said, “Be still and know that I am God.” We decided to start fresh this morning with a new plan of action. The Charles family arrived at Hope Center promptly at 7:30 as I had asked and we began working with Muraelle to see how we could get him to take his medicine. We finally found that a sippy cup with grape Pedialyte made him willing to drink his medicine and even ask for more. We celebrated the first dose of antibiotics in his little body and loaded up in the truck. We had heard from someone at Bernard Mevs and found out that although Haiti had a holiday today, the CT lab was open! We arrived at the hospital and there was practically NO ONE in line.


On an average day, people wait for hours and hours to be seen. All we had to wait for was for someone to come take the money for the scan! In no time we were in the CT truck and trying to figure out how to get this little spit fire to lay still. They decided he needed sedation. He’s a strong little guy! Even with sedation, his father had to hold him down, but we got the scan!!


Next we headed to St. Damien’s hospital to ask for copies of his medical records. Within about 30 minutes, we had put in the request, paid, and were headed back to the truck. Both the CT results and the chart copies will be ready tomorrow.


So we returned to Hope Center (after grabbing some YUMMY beans and rice on the street) and the new team from Hattiesburg, MS, was unpacking and preparing for the rest of the week. Within minutes, Tony introduced me to a Dr. Jim Brown….ophthalmologist. Yep! As usual, God provides what we need when we need it…this time WHO we need. Dr. Brown dilated and examined Muraelle’s good eye and said he doesn’t see any spreading of the tumor to the other eye. That’s good news! He did say that his first course of action would be to seek to remove the eye that has the tumor for palliative care. He also said that if he does not get help soon, he could die. I’m sure he thought that what he was telling me sounded grave, but actually I focused on the word “could” and held onto the hope that he COULD live! God is opening doors, and we will continue to walk and sometimes even push through them. We don’t know where we are going with all of this, but one thing is for sure…we are trusting HIM. Please continue to pray for Muraelle. Pray that he continues to take his antibiotics and pain meds. Pray that God leads us to the person who can remove the bad eye. Pray that IF he needs further care in the states, that God will walk us through that process and open more doors. Thank you for your prayers!!!

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