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Looking Back and Forward at Hope Center

Hello Everyone!

As we prepare to head back to Haiti after a LONG winter break, we are excited about all of the things God has planned for 2015. We already have many teams scheduled to serve at Hope Center over the coming year, and we look forward to meeting and serving with every single one. I prepared a newsletter this week that will be going out in the mail to those on our physical mailing list, but I wanted to add a link to it here too. Just click on the link below, and it will open in PDF format.

Newsletter February 2015

We also created a slide show of some highlights from 2014 at Hope Center. Hope you ENJOY!!

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Here are some people and things we would love for you to join us in praying for:

1. Mdm Anastasia Senatus: She is the elderly mother of one of our security guards. His name is Anel. We have been taking her to Mirebalais Hospital over the last few months trying to get help with a large tumor growing on her forehead. It has eaten through her skull now and is very large. This coming week, she will go to Mirebalais to meet with a neurosurgical team who will begin preparations for removing the tumor. Please pray for God’s protection and healing for Anastasia and guidance for the doctors who will be helping her.

2. A 20 year old young man named Louinel: We met Louinel a few months ago, and he begged us to help him. He is suffering from gynecomastia, and it is painful to him both physically and emotionally. He has met with doctors at Mirebalais and we have him on a 90 day trial run of tamoxifen, but if that medication does not help him, he will be looking at possible surgery.

3. A little boy named Franzil: A few months ago, Dr. Freddy Grant noticed that Franzil had an irregular heart beat and suggested we take him to see a cardiologist. Kathy Warren took him up to Mirebalais a couple of weeks ago, and they determined that he has a hole in his heart. They put him on medication and said they are optimistic he will grow out of it. Please pray that God will close up the hole and give Frantzil a long, healthy life.

4. Pray for us as we begin Creole Literacy classes and English as a Second Language classes in our village of Galette Chambon. We pray that starting the classes will go smoothly and many will come to know Christ and grow in their personal relationship with Him as well through these classes.

5. Construction projects: Please pray for us as we re-open the clinic at Hope Center, begin documenting and reporting patient records to the Ministry of Health, and look at clinic expansion in the near future.

6. Clinic: Please pray for every single person who enters the doors of our clinic that they may not only experience physical healing, but spiritual healing as well as we share the love of Christ with them.

7. Church: Please pray for our church and Pastor Mickenson Gilbrun as he leads and shepherds our congregation to a deeper understanding of the love, grace, and mercy of Jesus Christ.

8. Agriculture: Pray for our community as we explore ways to irrigate gardens and grow our chicken program into a business that will lead our community one step closer to sustainability. Pray that our terrace gardens will prove to be a great education opportunity as well as provide food for our community.

9. Pray that God will lead us as we prepare to begin having monthly Motherhood seminars in our village that will educate new mothers on prenatal care, childbirth, post-partum care and breast feeding.

10. Pray for our orphanage as we prepare to take in seven more children bringing our total to 20. Pray for Ydalia and her staff as they adjust to the increase in children and pray for our new interns as they get settled in and help love and educate the children in the orphanage.


There are many more prayer needs, but these are just the first 10 I could think of tonight. I’ll blog more as the year progresses.

We love you all and are so very thankful that God has blessed us with YOU as our prayer partners in this ministry.




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January 31, 2015 · 5:42 am

The Start of Something New

Well, the new year is underway and there are so many new things going on at Hope Center! To start the post off, here’s a picture Tony took of Hope Center from up on a nearby mountain. He and Bicly went for a walk today and they took this picture. Isn’t it beautiful? Our Father is an amazing artist, and the majesty of his creation is a constant reminder of His love for us!


So, as the new year begins at Hope Center, there are many new faces and things happening in our midst! First of all, God has blessed us with two new cooks at Hope Center. These two ladies are from two of the families who moved to our village from the tent city, and now they are employed!! Hallelujah! Barbara came down to help them learn all about cooking for the teams who will be constantly visiting Hope Center in the coming months. Barbara certainly had her work cut out for her! She not only needed to teach them healthy cleaning and cooking practices, but simple things like how to use an oven, refrigerator, & dishwasher! But they are enthusiastic about their jobs and are eager to learn! Please pray for these two ladies. Their names are Saint-Vierge and Marie Therese.


Another new thing going on around Hope Center is the building of the church/school! Here is a picture of the beginnings of the foundation being prepared. Tony sent this picture to me last week. You won’t believe what all they have accomplished since then! I will upload a video of them working on the foundation as well. It is amazing how quickly they get the job done! There are several exciting things about this church being built. First of all, it will provide ministry, evangelism, and discipleship to countless Haitians in our village. I cannot wait to start having baptism services in our church! We already have at least 100 new believers to baptize once we get it ready! Secondly, the building of this church has provided jobs for many men in our village who had no income before this project began. This means healthy, happy families! Thirdly, this church represents yet another partnership in the ever-growing But God Ministries family. God asked First Baptist Church of Brandon to adopt this project, and in obedience, they are teaming up with BGM to get it done. It’s so exciting to see God expand the ministry He has begun through But God Ministries. God is meeting so many needs in our little village of Galette Chambon, and it is such a blessing to be a part of it! And what’s doubly exciting is to know that He is just getting started!!




Another something new is God’s provision of food. The families who moved into the houses on the hill have been harvesting fruits and vegetables from the gardens they planted after moving in. Tony decided to get in on the fun and he has been growing some vegetables of his own! Here is our tomato plant that has now reached over 5 feet tall and has been producing beautiful tomatoes. He also planted some black beans that he had left over from a bag of dried beans we bought a few months ago. He planted these beans last week, and now he has over 100 plants already! The soil here is amazing! It is so exciting and rewarding to be able to grow your own food. We are so very thankful that God has blessed the soil in our village and that people are able to provide sustenance for their families.



As we begin this new year and this new life for our family, we are learning that our God meets ALL of our needs, and He is faithful. As He blesses these beautiful people in Galette Chambon, Ganthier, Haiti, He also blesses our family, and we are excited to be walking with Him on this amazing journey. It is our prayer that as He continues to move in this village, the people here learn to trust His promises more and more and know His deep, abiding love for us all. It’s a new day in Galette Chambon, and our loving God is moving in a mighty way. Please continue to pray for our family as we serve ¬†and our friends in this village as they continue to experience the Father’s love for them. We have many, many teams preparing to come serve at Hope Center in the coming months. Please pray that God will provide for their needs as they prepare to come serve, and pray that God will prepare the hearts of those who will be blessed by their visit here. Most of all, pray that our great God is honored and glorified in each and every thing we do. Thank you all so very much for your faithfulness to give and serve and pray.


January 13, 2013 · 2:34 am