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Well, it’s been a few days since my last post because we have been out of town and there have been several changes in our plans for our upcoming family visit to Haiti. All of these changes have reminded me that God is in control, and no matter what plans we make ourselves, ultimately God has a plan, and He brings it about in His timing. The plan now is to first go to the FBCJ development for a couple of days and see what all God has going on there. Then we will take our friend Barbara to the airport after which we will be transported to Carrefour where we will connect with a mission organization out of Canada called GAIN. This organization has been doing some wonderful things for the people of Haiti. On this particular trip, we will be working in some medical clinics and doing some construction work in a local orphanage. We will be with the GAIN team the whole time we are there.

As far as the plans to meet up with the soccer coach are concerned, we probably will not get to see him this time. The only way to get down to Cap Haitien would be by way of a commuter flight which would cost about $750. We decided that this kind of trip is not in the budget right now. Jacob is fine with it though because he is really looking forward to working with GAIN in the clinics and orphanage. We still might get a chance to meet up with Tony’s friend with Samaritan’s Purse, but we aren’t counting on that either. Jonathan will indeed get to do some medical shadowing and work though, so that is exciting.

I’m making this post short…compared to others, ha! We are out of town right now at Jacob’s regional soccer tournament. We will be home Sunday evening. Wednesday night we will get to pray with our church family at Crossgates and the next day we leave for our first trip as a family to Haiti. Until next time, we appreciate so much your thoughts and prayers. This time next week we will be finishing up our mission in Haiti and preparing for our last day before returning home.


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