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We made it!

Not much time or opportunity to post so I will make this short.
Praise the Lord we made it here and after a long day we are getting ready for bed. The first challenge was finding out our initial flight out of Jackson was overbooked and they put us on standby. But God reminded me that we are in His hands and he has a plan. We did not panic. We  trusted Him and did not lean on our own understanding. We got on the plan without incident. The next challenge was when we arrived in Haiti and met Barbara (PTL!) and we were headed out on a bus. A policeman stopped us and wanted to challenge the busses license. What he wanted was money. However, our precious leaders were not about to give in. We all started praying on the bus and suddenly the officer gave up and let us go without incident. Our God is a mighty God. We are staying in a fairly nice dorm especially for Haitian standards. We cooked red beans and rice and ate mixed fruit out on the steps in the cool Haitian breeze. Jonathan played his guitar and we visited with our new friends. Tomorrow we are heading over to the property. Hopefully I can post again tomorrow. Thanks be to God for His provision and protection. And thank you for your prayers!!
Good night!

Mickie West —-


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