Leaving Ganchier

It is Sunday and we are now preparing to leave Ganthier and move on to Carrefour. Yesterday was amazing. We went to see the development and all the work that is being done. It is BEAUTIFUL up there.  God is already providing in miraculous ways. There is a brand new power line that the city put in that goes right along the property. It doesn’t go much farther than the border of it. This line will provide electricity to the house and clinic! No one really knows why they put in the line, but we do! God led them to do it to provide for the needs of those living there! Thank you Lord!

We met the man who guards the property, Estimie, and he loved on us. These are precious people. He explained that his wife died 7 years ago but God has recently blessed him with a new wife and soon a new home with this new development. When Tony said that he was a nurse and may come run the clinic, the man began to cry and thanked him with a big bear hug.

We also met a lady named Da-Da who runs an orphanage. We sang with the children and they sang for us. They also performed for us a skit of the Good Samaritan. I fell in love with her newest baby, Denushka. Denushka’s mother died when she was 2 months old. Her father took her to Da-Da because he could not care for her. The baby was near death. Now she is 8 months old and very healthy. Da-da has a wonderful ministry in Ganthier. Children fill her place every Saturday to sing and learn about Jesus. She has a wonderful ministry.

Yesterday afternoon our tap-tap drivers took us to see the lake in Ganthier. It was about a 20 minute drive over rough roads. The water was beautiful blue and rough. It isn’t completely fresh water. It is a little bit salty. It felt good to get our feet wet and have some relax time.

When we got back to the dorm we prepared for dinner. Jacob and I decided to go look around the school while we waited for dinner. We saw the chalkboard that had algebra lessons on it and some English study. Around the corner we found a group of boys playing soccer. They moved their game to the concrete play area near our dorm and Jacob and Vladimir joined in. The town boys were impressed with Jacobs skills when he got a hat trick. Ha. He and Vladimir played until time for dinner. They were very tired and sweaty. They got cleaned up and we had a wonderful dinner of jambalaya, corn, and fruit.

After dinner Vladimir talked to Coach Duchene who is the soccer coach in Port au Prince. He has arranged for a car to pick us up tomorrow to take Jacob to soccer practice in Crois de Bouquette (SP?). This is actually not far from Ganchier so I guess we will be traveling back that way tomorrow. I’m sure Jacob is excited about meeting the coach and playing some soccer. I think Vladimir is going to go with us to practice. We have become quite attached to our new friend. We wish we could just bring him back to the states with us! Ha! Maybe one day he can visit the states and meet all of our family and friends.  He said he would love that. You all would love him!

We are now in Carrefour at the hotel. I started this post before we left Ganthier. The drive here was interesting. We rode a tap-tap to the airport, then a driver in a truck picked us up for the rest of the trip to Carrefour. We saw the palace that was destroyed by the earthquake as well as many other destroyed buildings. Everywhere you look there are people moving about, trash on the ground, and exhaust in the air. It made me miss the countryside of Ganthier already. The hotel we are in is very nice however. It is tucked away on a hill with a fence around it and security. There is a pool and Internet! The boys and I are soaking up the opportunity to communicate with home! Ha!

I will go for now. I don’t want to make my post too terribly long. I just want everyone to know how blessed we feel that so many of you are praying for us. God is good and He is hearing your prayers.

Blessings to you all from Carrefour, Haiti.

Mickie West —-

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