Visiting Esther’s Orphanage

Today we have not worked in the sun like we did yesterday, but we did unload a huge container truck that came for the clinic and a local orphanage. A group in Florida had donated 300 five gallon buckets of rice and beans as well as cooking oil and sugar to be taken to a local orphanage. We unloaded it all from the container truck, loaded it onto a flatbed, unloaded it from the flatbed to the clinic, then back onto the flatbed and then we took it to an orphanage and unloaded it again and stacked it in a little hut. Yes, it was a little crazy, and tiring, but it was great once we arrived at the orphanage and we got to see all of the children. They sang for us from their classrooms, then we got to meet and talk with many of them. There seemed to be hundreds! I will load some pictures once we return to the states. They love to show you how they can speak a little English, and of course, I try to speak what little Creole I have learned. They laugh at me. I imagine Southern Creole sounds a little funny. We met Esther’s parents who run the orphanage. These beans and rice will feed the children there for about six months. They were so excited. 

Now the men are back there trying to unload the rest of the container. It has hospital beds, mattresses, wood to make bunkbeds for the orphanage, and two HUGE generators. We have had to order a crane to come lift the generators to put them in place. Once they are up and running, we will have enough power to run a small city! Wow. And these generators were donated! God is providing for this clinic in so many amazing ways!!! 

Yesterday afternoon there were some children who were curious and hanging around the main door to the clinic compound. A few of us went out to meet them. They wanted to play soccer with us, but we were expecting the container to arrive any minute so we couldn’t. While we waited, I got out some water color paints I brought and some paper. They had a blast painting pictures for us. 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the soap, germex, toothbrushes, and toothpaste we brought. We have given out some, but they have told us that we need to wait and give out the majority of it once the clinic opens. Those who have received soap here this week, however, have been very excited. You should see the look on these children’s faces when we hand them a bar of soap. They go running off to show everyone what we gave then. It’s very humbling. 

I can’t wait to load pictures so you can see what I am looking at right now. If you look at the mountain on my Facebook profile, that is what I see as I sit here and type. (The service is better out here) The sun is beaming down very hot, but the breeze is constant. I hear birds chirping, goats bahhh-ing (however you spell that), and children laughing at the well as they pump water for their families for the evening. It is so peaceful and beautiful. There is no way to adequately describe it. 

I better go now. We are about to go visit the village church where we went to church last Sunday. I will post again when I have a break and when the internet is clear. 

Thank you all so very much for your prayers. God is answering them daily!!



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