Thursday in Ganthier

It’s another beautiful day in Ganthier, Haiti. The breeze is blowing, and the sun is burning off the clouds from the mountain. God has blessed us with fabulous weather for working. Today I am having to take a break from building the house. My fingers have blisters all over them from lifting concrete blocks without gloves on. Our gloves were stolen from our bags at some point during our flight here. Jonathan still has his and someone had extras for Tony and Jacob, so they are still able to work. Stan and I are going into town today, however, to set up our bank account here. That will be cool. We started a compost box today for all of the vegetable peels and such that Esther has left over when she cooks. We will start composting to prepare for our garden. We plan to grow peppers, herbs, tomatoes, onions, and melons right next to our house. A group from Florida is coming in next week to plant some banana trees, pineapples, and coconut palms. They said the palms will make good hammock spots too! Yay! More bedding areas! ha! We thank you all so much for your prayers. It has been a productive trip. This group from Petal is so much fun. I must go now. We love you all!!

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