God will provide….

This was indeed an exciting day in the unfolding of God’s plan for our family and the people we will minister to in Haiti. If you have not read the earlier post about our upcoming trip to Haiti, be sure to click over there and read it! You will be amazed!! šŸ™‚

One point I recall Stan Buckley making when we met with him about the community FBC Jackson is building was that his vision for this community is that they will eventually come to a place where they are not only growing their own food butĀ making a living on their own. Well, as I have told many people about our plans, four different people have asked me this weekĀ if I have ever met the Huff family. Yesterday, as I was sharing our story with a young man at Cups, he too asked me if I knew the Huff’s because not only do they homeschool, but they also raise goats and produce their own goat’s milk and cheese and make goat’s milk lotion andĀ goat’s milk soap. This was the fifth person to mention this family to me! Obviously, I felt like God was leading me to meet this family if for nothing else advice on how to homeschool. Later in the day, I had lunch with a friend at Fernando’s. After lunch, I realized that the store right next to Fernando’s is the place where they sell these candles that I have been wanting to buy. I went into the store, found the candles, and began smelling each one. The lady who worked there came to me and began to make conversation. She asked me if I have ever seen or used any of the goat’s milk soap or lotion from Hidden Arrows Farm made by the Huff family. Yes, she said the Huff family. She handed me a bar of their soap and it smelled fabulous!! Of course, I added the bar of soap to my purchase and headed out the door. As I was approaching my car, God revealed to me the reason why He wanted me to meet the Huff family. In Haiti, the most popular meats eaten by the Haitians are chicken and goat. They already know how to raise goats, but do they know how to make lotion and soap? Well, I realized that God wanted me to learn how to do this in order to show the people in this community how to make it, market it, and sell it to make money! I searched for information about Hidden Arrows Farm online and found the Huff’s phone number. I called Debbie Huff and immediately found a common soul and friend on the other end of the line. Debbie assured me that learning how to homeschool was going to be quite easy for us, and learning how to make products from goat’s milk was going to become a very rewarding experience.

I have decided that once we return from Haiti, Jacob and I are going to go spend a day or two with the Huff family and see what their farm is all about. Debbie said that they would take us through the entire process of making soap from goat’s milk. I am so excited about this!Ā  It is just so amazing how God continues to guide our every step and provide each piece of the picture as we need to see it. Praise God for his guidance and revelation!!

More news later! I think this is about all the excitement I can handle in one day! Ha!



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  1. Twila Boyd Simmons

    More, more, more, please… I am super excited for you and your family!


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