God uses us each uniquely

Once again I am amazed by how God has designed each one of us uniquely and how He begins from before we are even born to lay out a plan that includes opportunities and experiences that will guide us to the path that He desires for us. Today yet another exciting thing happened in our journey to Haiti. Remember in the first post I told the story of how the Haitian soccer coach called my cell phone and assured us that Jacob would have many opportunities to continue his training in soccer while we are in Haiti? Then in the last post, I mentioned that I hoped that Jacob would be able to meet Coach Peterson while we are visiting in a few weeks. Well…..

Today I was working in my classroom while Jacob took the ACT downstairs. I had called and left a message with Coach Peterson earlier in the morning because I wanted to make sure he was even going to be in Haiti while we are there. He called me back within 30 minutes. I explained to him that we have two days that are open between going to the FBCJ development site and the Samaritan’s Purse compound. He said that he could either meet us in Port au Prince at that time and meet Jacob, or we could go to where he lives in Cap Haitien and stay with him there for those two days and Jacob would be able to train with his players while we are there. If he met us in Port au Prince, we would have to get a hotel room and he would only get to meet Jacob, but Jacob couldn’t meet the team. He said that if we can get ourselves up to Cap Haitien, he can get us back to Port au Prince to meet Samaritan’s Purse at the airport. Of course, there are still quite a few details to work out, but the point I want to make is that God has uniquely designed each of us with our own talents, gifts, interests, etc. He also provides ways for us to be used in those areas. God has obviously given Jacob a unique athletic ability that He plans to use one day for His glory. Just as God is molding and growing Jonathan into a physician and has now provided a unique opportunity to allow Jonathan to be used in Haiti in the mobile clinics, he is providing opportunities for Jacob in the areas in which he is gifted as well.

This is so exciting to me…..to know that as we step out in faith as a family, we are not only being blessed as a whole, but individually as well. God is good. Here is what I wish you would pray for…Pray that God will open doors and provide a way for us to get from Port au Prince on the 26th to Cap Haitien and that our travels to and from will be under His divine protection. Amen!  and thank you!

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